“They don’t make music like they used to” you always hear from the old heads. As there is a lot of truth to this statement. However, music isn’t supposed to sound the same, it’s supposed to keep transcending in time. With the foundation going back to the roots from where everything started. The real music and talent aren’t playing on the radio. You actually have to find it on the internet through streaming services, social media, and at your local venues. Once you find what you’re looking for you’ll realize that music is very much alive and well. You will find out how many talented artists are out there making GOODMUSIC. Then you will probably get addicted to finding new artists and songs like I did. 

This website is about our love for music. I’ll share music suggestions, concerts reviews, album reviews, and anything music. I hope you do the same. Come join me in this journey and this community! 

Here are some of my favorite artists:

Hiatus Kaiyote 

The Internet 

Tyler the Creator 

Jordan Rakei 

Tom Misch 

J. Cole 

Kendrick Lamar 

Comment below what your favorite is and why! 


At the current moment I’m a bit obsessed with Kevin Karrl, you know when you just replay a certain album or song.

I would say to listen to Good Times and Vamonos a Marte, same artist but very different sound (if that makes sense). Let me know what you think 🙂

I gave it a listen. Although this is not the type of music I regularly listen to I really liked these songs, it made me feel like I lived in a small town. His voice is really soothing. Thanks for the recommendation!

I really liked when you said, “music isn’t supposed to sound the same, it’s supposed to keep transcending in time.” I think we often get too comfortable with what we like and don’t take the time to expand our interests.

Music and I have a weird relationship. I do adore it and understand its value, yet at the same time, I get bored of it very quickly. Most music from radios and artists outside of projects are just flavor to me. Flavor is good but, you have to have some texture too. How does the song smell? What does it look like? I don’t have these questions when listening to music from video games, cartoons, and movies. Not to say that “flavor music” can’t have this effect on me, but that’s primarily because of me. There’s no character behind the notes. To me, it’s just the artist singing or playing their music in my ear. Perhaps this issue would be solved if I learned about the artist.

Music for me oftentimes relates to a moment in time, so when I hear a song memories come rushing through my mind. That could happen to you when you listen to music from video games etc. I don’t think there is an issue with your relationship with music you just like music that reminds you of things that are important in your life. That’s a good and normal thing for everyone. I love music from movies and cartoons. Recently I liked the soundtrack from LA la Land. What are some of your favorites? Thanks for your comment.

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